We're a group of people in Washington D.C. who meet in bars around the city to talk and learn about God and faith while absolutely prioritizing love and relationship.


Many of us try countless things to feel happy and at peace. We all do it ... money, career, alcohol, sex, selfishness, shopping, rebellion, etc. They're all kinda the same after a while. Never quite satisfying, always resulting with the desire for a little more, a little better.


Real satisfaction and peace cannot be achieved or earned through our own efforts or felt by fun experiences. Those things come through love, from a source stronger, higher, and more powerful: God, who is the very source of love.


Many of us have questions and doubts about God and faith, and barriers like selfishness, pride, and even religion get in our way. Institutional religion mixes in extra stuff like rules, control, judgment, hypocrisy, etc, and Christianity especially has became about much more than just following Jesus and love. So we are forming a community that puts love above all else, where we can be ourselves and seek God together.